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Wenita Forest Access System *

New Hunting Registrations Suspended

The hunting system is now fully subscribed, so we cannot accept new registration applications. Renewals are still available to existing hunters, and new registrations will be available again when enough existing hunters choose not to renew.


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Register for Alerts
It is important for Wenita to be able to contact forest users and neighbours in the event of an emergency. To receive hazard notifications by email or text message, please register your details here.

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Access and Recreation
At Wenita, we recognise our forests are fascinating environments to be in, and we do our best to ensure our communities can make use of them.
To enter our forests, you will need to obtain a permit by registering on our new Forest Access System. It is also possible to organise group events for your club or school within the forests. Please contact us to see how your event may be accommodated.
General access permits are free of charge, and allow you to enter the forests for walking, bird-watching, picnicking, mountain-biking and horse-riding.
Firewood permits are available from time to time, and charges will apply.
Hunting permits are issued only to registered hunters who have subscribed to our permit system and pay an annual fee. The use of tracer bullets in the forests is prohibited.
Motorcycle riding permits are restricted to Akatore Forest and parts of Berwick Forest.  These permits are self issued through the online Forest Access System.

Commercial access If you need to access our forests for business purposes, including research, environmental monitoring or as a service agent, please complete this online form. To activate the permit you will need to come in to the Wenita office, where you will be issued with a radio and key.

Visitor safety Safety is our central priority. Before applying for a permit or visiting one of our forests, please read the following advice:

  • Unauthorised removal of plants, forest produce or any other materials is not permitted.
  • Persons caught removing material or hunting without permits will be issued with a trespass notice. The trespass notice will exclude the offender from all major forests in Otago and Southland.
  • Firearms, weapons and hunting are not permitted without a hunting permit.
  • Using tracer bullets is prohibited.
  • Keep well away from any forest operations or equipment, even if they are not operating. Do not touch any equipment. Do not climb on any log stacks or piles.
  • Be aware of other forest users who may be in vehicles.
  • Strong winds can uproot trees, break branches and dislodge pine cones so stay away from the forest in these conditions.
  • Forest roads may be rough and narrow so please always drive cautiously with headlights on and adhere to speed restrictions.
  • Possum trapping and poisoning operations will be notified when you receive your permit but please look for signs and keep any pets under close control.
  • Lighting fires is prohibited and care must be taken to avoid starting a fire.
  • In the event of an accident or fire dial 111.