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Wenita Timber
The heart of Wenita’s operations is the supply of logs, throughout southern New Zealand and around the world. We specialise in radiata pine, but also have the ability to supply other species such as Douglas fir, larch, Corsican pine and eucalyptus from time to time.
Key products include pruned sawlogs, large and small unpruned sawlogs and chip/pulp logs.
This amounts to approximately 350,000 cubic metres per annum. Wenita also purchases logs from other forest and woodlot owners.
Using our Centralised Processing Yard (Superskid) technology, Wenita is able to manufacture logs to very precise and consistent specifications. Wenita timber is responsibly managed and FSC certified.

Pile of pruned logs. Man working at a control station. Logs on a conveyor.

Stand of pine trees.

Woodlot Harvesting and Management

Many farms and lifestyle properties throughout the country have forestry plantations (woodlots), with the expectation that one day these will yield a financial return. Wenita can help you realise the best results when it comes time to harvest and sell. We can provide a pre-harvest evaluation of your woodlot which will include an estimate of expected volume and log grade recovery. We will then discuss with you the range of harvesting and purchasing solutions available.
By selling directly to Wenita, you will avoid the management fees that other consultants include in their costs. You can also take advantage of the economies enabled by the scale of our operations: we are the largest log exporter out of Port Chalmers with at least one boat leaving for Asia every month; we have a range of experienced harvesting crews who can harvest all types of terrain; and we have cartage contractors ready for work.
Wenita can also share its expertise with landowners interested in diversifying into forestry, by providing advice on forest management, harvest planning and marketing.

An aerial photo of dirt roads running through a plantation.

Aerial Photography and Mapping Wenita carries out monthly aerial photography within its forest estate, focussing on harvested areas but also capturing imagery of some silvicultural and land preparation operations. Photography for other land owners can also be arranged.