Our People

Our Shareholders Wenita is owned by two international shareholders, Sinotrans (62%), and Fund 7 Foreign LLC (38%).
Sinotrans (Sinotrans and CSC Holdings Co., Limited) is one of China’s large central enterprises approved by the State Council, and was established in 1950 to manage the transport of foreign trade into, out of and across China. Sinotrans has 67,000 employees and total assets in excess of US$2.5 billion. Wenita is Sinotrans’ only investment in forestry. Sinotrans remains a committed long-term investor who sees considerable opportunity to leverage the market opportunities that exist into China through its own comprehensive distribution network.
Fund 7 Foreign LLC is a United States investment fund managed by GMO Renewable Resources LLC (GMORR), a privately held global investment management company headquartered in Boston, USA. GMORR manages in excess of US$2 billion in assets on behalf of institutional and other investors, which translates into more than 500,000 hectares of high quality forest worldwide.

Our Management Team
David Cormack, Chief Executive Officer
Kaian Qi, Chief Financial Officer
James McEwan, Technical Manager
Alec Cassie, Woodflow Manager
Anne Bridger, Commercial Manager

Our Customers
Wenita supplies timber to processors, wholesalers and individual companies, serving industries in New Zealand, Vietnam, China, India and Korea.
Wenita partners with Pacific Forest Products for log exporting.

Some of our domestic customers include:
Craigpine Timber
A ship in port. Otago Lumber
Pan Pac Otago Limited
Dongwha New Zealand
Great Southern (Milton, Ranfurly)
Spark Energy
Pioneer Energy

Man working at a control station. Logging truck. Forestry worker with a big pine log.

Career Opportunities
Forestry is an industry with career opportunities throughout New Zealand and around the world. It rewards those who love the outdoors, thrive in teams and take seriously the safety of themselves and those around them.
Wenita values its relationships with the contracting companies who employ the hundreds of workers in our forests and who ensure our logs reach their destinations. We work only with those who comply with the Wenita policies on health and safety, environmental management and personnel management; and we give preference to contractors who employ local workers.
To find out more about a career in forestry or a related industry, please contact:

Logging Contractors

Griffin Logging Shane Griffin 027 274 8233
Roxburgh Logging Lawson Roxburgh 027 435 0190
Jones Logging Steve Jones 027 858 4791

Silviculture Contractors

Johnson Forestry Services Steve Johnson 027 234 3877
McHoull Contracting Ken McHoull 027 370 8315
Gutsell Contracting Gary Gutsell 027 471 0092
Kealey Contracting Peter/Darrin Kealey 027 661 2040

Roading Contractors

Forestry Roading Services Ronnie Pierce 027 432 1517

To find out about qualifications that may help you enter the forestry industry, go to woodcareers.co.nz. You may also like to checkout the courses at the Canterbury School of Forestry and Waiariki Institute of Technology.