Our Operations

Wenita is proud to be a leader in New Zealand’s forestry industry, at the forefront of innovation and best practice in sustainable forestry management.

Wenita strives to grow the best possible forest crop on each of its different land areas. This process starts long before the seedlings are first planted, because seedlings of appropriate genetic properties for the various sites need to be ordered two to three years before they are ready for planting. The establishment phase includes raking logging residues into piles to enable easy access for the tree planters, planting and weed control around the seedlings.
On the very best sites, trees are pruned at around age seven or eight. The aim of pruning is to grow clear, knot-free wood that can be used for high value products.

All stands are thinned, removing trees of poor form and growth rate, and selecting the best trees to grow on to harvest age. Thinning usually takes place at around age 10.

A seedling. Truck with a very long load of logs driving up a hill. Worker carrying bags.

Every year Wenita harvests approximately 350,000 cubic metres of logs from its own forests.
Wenita’s use of Superskid technology has placed it at the forefront of sustainability and efficiency in the forestry industry. The Superskid enables trees to be manufactured in a factory-like environment in the forest. This streamlines processes for our customers, creates a safer work environment, reduces waste biomass in the forests, and enables residues to be more easily accumulated and sold.

Wenita is a major road builder in the region. Every year Wenita builds approximately 20 kilometres of new road and maintains almost 40 kilometres of existing road for harvesting purposes.
Wenita has approximately 500 kilometres of road in its forest estates.

Loading logs into a ship.

Wenita is an experienced log exporter, selling logs to international markets ever since the company was established in 1990. Today, our export marketing and shipping operations are managed through our relationship with Pacific Forest Products Ltd (PFP), enabling us to supply logs to China, Korea, Taiwan and India. The main log products are large sawlogs (A Grade), standard sawlogs (K Grade) and Industrial (KI Grade), but we also make regular shipments of pruned and pulp-grade logs.
Wenita logs are predominantly exported through Port Chalmers, located 15 minutes northeast of Dunedin. Port Bluff (Invercargill) and Port Timaru may also be used from time to time.

Every day Wenita transports approximately 50 loads of logs from forests to various domestic centres in southern New Zealand and Port Chalmers for export.

Front of a truck. Piles of logs at a wharf. Truck driving along a road.